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Meditû Kft.
Address: 6900 Makó, Rákosi út 6.
Phone: +36 30/967-7766; +36-62/510-701
e-mail: info@meditu.hu


In case of general business matters, unique and special requests and general question about the firm:

Jörg Schulze  director
e-mail: j.schulze@feuerstein-needles.de

Dr. Tóth István Tibor  director
Mobil: +36-30/967 7766
e-mail: toth.istvan@meditu.hu

Business and commercial demands on our product offers:

Farkas Kamill  sales manager
Mobil: +36-30/851 1362
e-mail: farkas.kamill@meditu.hu

Questions and information on economic and financial matters:

Gera Bettina  chief accountant
Mobil: +36-30/415 6682
e-mail: gera.bettina@meditu.hu

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