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Transportation occurs with the following conditions. We also accept special requests for transportation based on prior agreement, which only refers to that particular business or business partner. The validation of the contract expires upon completion of the agreement.

Prices and offers: Our prices and offers do not require engagement on our part without a written delivery agreement. For international customers, the price of delivery is always determined by the actual exchange rate at the time of the order.

Orders: Orders occur when you give a model number, the type of the needle eye's formation and the amount.

Special manufacturing: We accept orders in small amounts as well. When submitting the offer, please present a master pattern or at least one dimensional drawing or sketch. In the case of the latter two, the placer of the order should check the manufacture piece/s. As may be easily understood we are not going to start investigation if special designs are protected in some way and therefore we decline any responsibility.

Catalogue types: We reserve the right to change the construction type whenever necessary.

Delivery time: We do our best to deliver precisely, and according to the stipulated time agreed upon. Partial deliveries also also accepted by prior agreement. We reserve the right to withhold delivery or retire from the contract without granting indemnity in cases of improper business behavior on behalf of our partner.

Dispatch: We deliver at our expense regardless of the value of the delivered products using the most favorable packaging and transport methods.

Claims: Claims for faculty goods can only be accepted in writing, two weeks after the arrival of the delivery at the latest.

Payment: must be effected at the term and time agreed upon based on the amount shown on the invoice. In case of delay of payment, interest rates will be applied based on actual regulations. The buyer is not permitted to withhold payments or to reckon up any service.

Property: The delivered products - even if they have been manufactured - remain our property and cannot be pledged or sold until fully paid for.

Exportation: Exportation of our products requires our special agreement.

Place of completion: Place of completion for the delivery will be the address of the customer; according to the payment, the delivering company's address and bank account.


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